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Instructions to candidates
  1. Candidate should be present at the Test Centre 30 min before the Test time.
  2. Candidates will not be allowed into the Examination Hall 20 minutes after the commencement of the test and will not be allowed to leave the hall until the test is completed.
  3. Hall Ticket shall be produced at the Entrance to the Test Center and also in the examination hall failing which the candidate will not be allowed to appear for the entrance test.
  4. Use only Ball Point Pen (Blue / Black) to fill the circles in OMR answer sheet.
  5. Candidates are required to fill the relevant columns in the Nominal Rolls, which will be brought by the Invigilator and put his / her signature, thumb impression. The Biometric data of the candidate will also be collected.
  6. The test booklets will be of two sets coded as A and B. The candidates have to darken the oval of the respective code of the test booklet given to him/her in OMR sheet and also write the same in Nominal Rolls.
  7. OMR Answer Sheet will not be valued if the candidate writes any irrelevant matter, symbols, religious marks, identification marks on any part of OMR Answer Sheet or the Question Paper Booklet and it amounts to malpractice.
  8. Carrying of calculators, Mathematical/Log Tables, Cell phones, Electronic gadgets and loose sheets of paper into the examination hall is strictly prohibited.
  9. Adoption of any kind of manipulation of Hall Ticket, unfair means at the time of test, or any act of impersonation will render the candidate liable for invalidation of his /her answer sheet and forfeit the claim for appearing for the test. The necessary action will be initiated against such candidates as per the criminal law.
  10. The candidate’s eligibility for a course is not verified at the time of application and it will be verified only at the time of admission.
  11. After completion of the test and before leaving the examination hall/room, the candidate should return the OMR sheet to the invigilator. It is the responsibility of the candidate to handover the OMR sheet to the invigilator. However, the candidates are permitted to take away the question paper test booklet.
  12. Hall Ticket must be preserved till the time of admissions.
  13. No travelling expenses will be paid for the journey to take up the test.
  14. The OUCET results will be placed in websites, and after releasing the entrance results.